16th Meeting of Humic Substances Society

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are very pleased to invite you to attend The 16th Meeting of Humic Substances Society which will be held at the International Conference Center, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China on September 9-14, 2012.

The objective of this conference is to provide a forum for the interactions and communication of chemists, microbiologists, and physicists with allied scientists including pure chemists, biologists, environmental scientists, soil scientists, water scientists and ecologists to address the current state-of-the-art on “Functions of Humic Substances in Changing Environment”. It is hoped that the conference would lead to identification of gaps in knowledge and as such to provide future research directions and promote research on the characterization, function, application of humic substances in environment, agriculture, and industry. This is expected to lead to advance the frontiers of knowledge on biophysico-chemical processes in humic substances and related environmental systems and their biogeochemical and ecological impacts and also to promote education in this extremely important and challenging area of science for years to come, which is also expected to contribute toward the international advancement of environmental chemistry and its impacts on the terrestrial ecosystem.

The conference will invite several distinguished scientists from various institutions to give invited lectures on each of the major themes.

We believe that the conference in Hangzhou will provide a good atmosphere for all of you to share your ideas, knowledge and experience, to meet old friends and make new friends, and to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Hangzhou and China as a whole with long history and culture.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you in 2012 to what we are confident will be one of the best international symposia to be held in Hangzhou, China.

Prof. Jianming Xu
Chair of 16th IHSS Conference
E-mail: jmxu@zju.edu.cn
Phone/Fax: 86-571-88982069

Conference WEBPAGE: The 16th Meeting of the International Humic Substances Society.

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