Chairman’s News (Summer 2011)

Dear friends and fellow-geochemists,

Summer is again upon us and after the summer it is only a short time until IMOG 2011 in Interlaken, where I hope to meet many of you. I have had the privilege of being involved in a part of the preparations and I can assure you that both the scientific and the social program promise to be very interesting. We should also not forget that it is the 25th time an IMOG is being organized, 49 years after the first meeting in Milano in 1962. I would be very surprised if this fact will not be mentioned by any of the speakers in Interlaken. Rumour has it, that one or more of the Milano participants will be present in Interlaken – and that should tell you how addictive Organic Geochemistry can be.

Personally, I have been a faithful IMOG participant “only” since 1979 (Newcastle). What I remember most from that conference is meeting many of the “celebrities” that I only knew from the literature. Over the years, the nature of the conferences has changed somewhat to the modern format, but the basic principle – bringing together scientists from the full width of organic geochemistry, from biogeochemistry to petroleum – has been kept unchanged and to my knowledge the IMOGs are unique in this (with the possible exception of the Gordon Research Conferences). lthough it can be challenging at times to design a scientific program with such a broad appeal, I believe that we have been successful in the past and the 2011 program promises no less.

As always, we will have the 2011 General Assembly during IMOG. One of the key items on the agenda will be a proposal for changes in the membership set-up (see elsewhere in this newsletter), which are of importance to all members. Hence, I hope you will come to the General Assembly to share your opinions with the Board.

For now, I wish all of you a good summer and hopefully very relaxing holidays, and I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Interlaken.

Best greetings

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