The first term of two of the EAOG Board members (Ian Bull and José Gonzalez Perez) ends in September 2013. Both have indicated that they are willing to stand for re-election and their candidacy is strongly supported by the Board.

In accordance with the Articles of EAOG, other candidates can also stand for election, providing their nomination is supported by at least seven EAOG members and includes a declaration by the candidate that she/he is prepared to serve as a member of the Board. The candidate should also supply a short biography and, optionally, a short election address, both together not exceeding one page. Nominations must be received by the EAOG secretary not later than 30th June 2013 at the following address (preferably by e-mail):

Philippe Schaeffer
Laboratoire de Biogéochimie Moléculaire,
Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg
Université de Strasbourg
25 rue Becquerel
67200 Strasbourg, France

In case of nominations in addition to those from the Board, the established procedure requires that election of the Board members be by ballot of the EAOG membership. Ballot forms will be sent by email during August 2013 and will also be available on the website. Members not receiving a ballot form should contact the Secretary. The results will be made public at the EAOG General Assembly in Tenerife in September 2013. Election of new Board members will be for four years, with re-election being possible once.
If there are no additional nominations to those of the Board, there will be no ballot, and the Board’s nominees will be elected during the General Assembly.

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