Two weeks for our 26th IMOG at Tenerife

Dear Colleagues,

We are two weeks before the 26 th IMOG kicks-in at Tenerife. All of us waited two years (since Interlaken) in anticipation for our biennial event where we can not only see and listen to latest and greatest in the organic geochemistry, but also meet friends and colleagues that we haven’t seen for the long time. This year event is shaping up to be one of the most memorable, with unique setting in Canary Island, but is also set in the most western location that IMOG ever ‘went. The Organizers planned a great agenda and Scientific Committee worked hard to set up enriching programme for everyone. IMOG became for me one of these regular happenings that I keep a special place in my schedule and life – I hope many of you share similar sentiment and will keep supporting this excellent event for years to come. Last two years, also became significant in terms of changes happening to the administration of EAOG. We are now managing our own membership, looking into means of growing members base and also ways of supporting growth of organic geochemistry discipline. I believe that by now all of members received EAOG membership cards which are not issued just to ease fining that number needed for registration at IMOGs, but will be actually used in the near future to streamline the registration at IMOGs. Our collaboration with EAGE is solidifying and we are discussing together various ways of possible collaboration.

I am looking forward to see all of you in Tenerife on the 15 th September and tell you about all changes happening in EAOG. Have safe travels!


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