Plant Wax 2015 ascona 16-20 June 2015

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An interesting workshop is being organized for next year (June 16-20, 2015) in beautiful Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland on:

“Plant Waxes – Biosynthesis to Burial”

The goal of the workshop is to explore all facets of plant cuticular waxes, from their production and physiological roles, to their environmental fate and diverse applications. We hope to bring together a diverse community of scientists who share a common interest in, and bring different perspectives on plant waxes.

Additional information about the workshop will soon be available at:

For questions, please contact:

Please save the date, and spread the word!

On behalf of the workshop organisers

Tim Eglinton (ETH Z?rich)
Ansgar Kahmen (Univ. Basel)
Markus Riederer (Univ. W?rzburg)
Guido Wiesenberg (Univ. Z?rich)

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