Goldschmidt 2016: Call for sessions is now open

Dear colleagues,

Goldschmidt 2016 will be held in Yokohama, Japan from June 26-July 1, 2016. Call for sessions is now open till October 31, 2015 ( We sincerely ask you to consider organizing a session under the theme of Organic Geochemistry and look forward to seeing you in Japan.

Theme 13: Organic Geochemistry
Organic matter plays a key role in geochemical processes on Earth, through its interactions with minerals, sustaining microbial communities, mediating climate through carbon and nitrogen cycles, and providing detailed records of paleoenvironmental conditions. Current studies of organic geochemistry extend from nanoscale organo-mineral interactions from basin-scale records of carbon/nitrogen processes, taxon-specific geobiology to compound-specific isotopic analysis, and biomarker-based paleoreconstruction used to predict future climate change. The Organic Geochemistry Theme aims to highlight the role of organic matter in geochemical transformations of key elements in recording large-scale biogeochemical processes, and to examine earth systems as connected entities rather than separate compartments. Integration of organic methods with other biogeochemical and computational tools at a broad range of spatial and temporal scales, such as the recently conceptualized “Critical Zone” (CZ) framework, which considers the thin surface layer from the top of vegetation to the bottom of aquifers as an integrated unit, will be emphasized.


Thomas Bianchi (University of Florida)
Timothy Filley (Purdue University)
Xiaojuan Feng (Chinese Academy of Sciences)


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