Prof. John Hayes obituary

Dear colleagues,

Our community is mourning the loss of Professor John Hayes, who passed away on February 3, 2017.  John was an innovator and an interdisciplinary scientist in the areas of biology, chemistry and geological processes. His contribution to inventions, including compound specific isotope analysis of stable and radiogenic carbon, allowed him – and countless others – to examine and interpret the intricate interworkings of organisms, the environment, and the biogeochemical history of the Earth (and beyond).  John was a Fellow of The National Academy of Sciences, AAAS, AGU and a multi-medalist (ACS, Treibs, Urey) and these among many other honors reflect his significance. He was also an avid mentor, friend, and colleague to many of us. His rich legacy will touch our community for generations to come. 

On behalf of the EAOG and the entire Community

Artur Stankiewicz
EAOG Chair

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