PhD position in the ARISE (Arctic Isotopes and Seals) programme

PhD position in the ARISE (Arctic Isotopes and Seals) programme

Potential contribution of terrestrial Organic Matter to the Arctic food web.
Supervisors: Dr. Bart van Dongen (University of Manchester) & Professor George Wolff (University of Liverpool)
Application Deadline: 27th March 2017

Outstanding candidates from the UK or EU (fees only for EU students) are invited to apply for a PhD studentship that is fully funded by NERC’s Changing Arctic Ocean Program through the ARISE (ARctic Isotopes and SEals) project. This overarching project is led by the University of Liverpool and will investigate how climate change has altered food web structure on decadal timescales in the Arctic, in part to set a baseline against which future changes and management priorities can be assessed. ARISE will achieve this by combining novel stable isotope biomarker techniques, the latest seal population and ecosystem models, remote sensing data sets, satellite tags to track seals, and analysis of archive seal teeth and tissues.

In the advertised PhD project, based at the University of Manchester, the student will analyse sediments from the Eurasian Arctic region, including those collected during the International ISSS-08 and SWERUS-C3 expeditions (in collaboration with Stockholm University) to further elucidate the contribution of terrestrial organic nitrogen to the Arctic Ocean and also includes opportunities to join research cruises to the Arctic Ocean.

More details about the project, including on how to apply can be found at:

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