Pieter Schenck Awards

Prof Pieter Schenck 2009
Prof. Pieter A. Schenck
Professor Emeritus of Organic Geochemistry
Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University
Funder member and Former chairman of the EAOG

The European Association of Organic Geochemists (EAOG) was formally established in 1983. The members of the first board were Prof. P.A. Schenck, Dr. R.G. Schaefer, Dr. G.W.M. Lijmbach, Dr. P.A. Albrecht, Dr. B. Durand, Dr. J.R. Maxwell and Prof. Dr. D.H. Welte. Soon after Prof. Schenck retirement and in recognition of his work as founder and chairman of the Board of EAOG, the EAOG Board decided to install the “Pieter Schenck Award” to be awarded during the international meetings (IMOG’s) to a talented young organic geochemist. It was awarded for the first time in 1993 at the 16th IMOG in Stavanger, Norway.

The Pieter Schenck Award is given every second year to a scientist normally under 35 years of age who has made a major contribution in any specific area of organic geochemistry or a related field. The previous awardees are (reverse chronological order):

  • Jessica Tierney (2015)
  • Johan Weijers (2013)
  • Alexei Milkov (2011)
  • Helen Talbot (2009)
  • Marcel Kuypers (2007)
  • Richard Pancost (2005)
  • Kliti Grice (2001)
  • Stefan Schouten (1999)
  • Katherine H. Freeman (1997)
  • Mark A. McCaffrey (1995)
  • Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté (1993)


The 12th award will be attributed at the 28th EAOG International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry, Florence, Italy, September 2017.

Anyone wishing to propose a candidate for consideration of the next Schenck Award should send details of their candidate(s) including CV, full list of publications, and a written justification (ca 2000 words) to the Chairman of the Award Committee. The closing date for the next Award will be announced shortly .

The selection will be made by the Pieter Schenck Award Committee composed of:

  • Dr Heinz Wilkes (Chairman)
  • Dr J. Curiale
  • Dr K. Grice
  • Dr A. Pearson
  • Dr R. Summons

Please send your nominations (as pdf, MS Word, or text files) by email to the Committee Chair.
Dr Heinz Wilkes
Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM),
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany
e-mail: heinz.wilkes@uni-oldenburg.de