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August 2020 Posts

**NEW** PhD Opportunity starting September 2020

Controls on the Distribution and Type of Organic Rich Facies and its ultimate
maturation to yield hydrocarbons in an evolving sedimentary basin: A case
study Offshore West of Ireland

University of Manchester

Full scholarship: 3.0 years funding, includes all fees, living allowance and field expenses.
Apply online :

Please use this advert as the research proposal.
Application Deadline: August 28, 2020
Online Interviews: September 4, 2020
For further information contact: Prof Jonathan Redfern


Fully funded PhD studentship
Host University:University of Manchester
Supervisors:Prof Jonathan Redfern, James Armstrong
Duration:3.0 years
A fully funded PhD studentship to start in Sept 2020. The project has access to a large offshore database toexamine the controls and processes that are active in an evolving sedimentary basin that impact on thedeposition of organic rich mudrocks, working towards developing a predictive model for source rockdistribution.
The project will access 2D (and possibly3D) seismic lines, well data and the comprehensive suite of samples,plus integrate recent geochemical, stratigraphic and related studies compiled by PIP (Petroleum InfrastructureProgramme) for the West of Ireland. There are three objectives, the first being to create an up-to-dateassessment of the distribution, organic richness, source rock kinetics and type of mudrocks in the sedimentarysection in the basins West of Ireland. This will be integrated with a study of the basin style and evolution toaddress the mechanisms that control organic richness and its location (both temporal and spatial). This willthen be integrated with an evaluation of the basin style and evolution to better understand the control andprocesses that are active, allowing development of a predictive model for the source rock distribution. Thestudy will conclude with extensive 1D basin modelling to address timing, type and volume of fluid charge toallow an understanding of hydrocarbon generation/expulsion from multiple locations within basins offshorewest of Ireland.
The project offers access to an important dataset as a case study for developing improved workflows andmodels to address organic facies prediction in sedimentary basins. The student will work closely with a largegroup of researchers in the Basins Studies Group at the University of Manchester, with access to unrivalledworkstation, software and laboratory facilities. This project, funded by PIPCO, also offers the student with anopportunity for close links to industry.
The PhD candidate should be from the UK or EU, and have a good 2.1 or 1stis Geology / Geochemistry, withstrong background in basin studies. Experience of interpreting seismic data and of undertaking basin modelling
would be an advantage. We would like to start the PhD in Sept 2020 or soon thereafter.

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