See you in Montpellier!

The IMOG 2019 conference was a smashing success.

Please expect an email from EAGE soon with electronic abstracts, feedback survey, and the group photo!

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to welcome you to the 29th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry (IMOG) that will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden from 1–6 September 2019. It brings our meeting for the first time to Sweden since the first IMOG took place in Italy (Milano, 1962).

Our academic community is thriving, buoyed by refining the understanding of organic matter cycles over geological and modern time scales and integrated paleoenvironmental and -climatic studies. While the petroleum industry is still experiencing the biggest economic downturn seen for decades, our industry-based colleagues continue to bring new tools, influence and understanding to exploration and production activities.

We strongly believe that 2019 will bring together a strong successful conference widely attended by academic and industry participants. We are preparing a programme with broad appeal, scientific focus and networking opportunities, whilst experiencing the beauty of Gothenburg.

On behalf of EAOG, I am looking forward to welcoming you in Sweden next year!

Pim van Bergen
Chair of the IMOG committee

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